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The People

Ami Ben Bassat
Writer, blogger, childlike dreamer. Head of Lichtman center for young internet entrepreneurs.
Doron Nir
Gamer, Writer, Movie Buff, Aspiring Chef. Corporate lackey by day. Lives at night.
Eyal Hershko
Tech geek and robotics freak
Gil Hirsch
Software, Gix Podcaster, Game-errr
Leon Fedotov
Leon is a 24 year old geek who has been programming since broadband was introduced, Leon has been working in the tech industry since the age of 16 from preforming security analysis for large corportations to javascripting the real-time web, he also likes electronics and prototypes stuff.
Nimrod Lehavi
Owner of Lehavi Solutions software boutique. Technology rebel. Compulsive bookworm. Futurama evangelist.
Ohad Eder Pressman
Works on software of all kinds and traits, building prototypes for wild ideas.
Rafael Mizrahi
CEO at Feng-GUI, and a passionate researcher of the aesthetics of visuals and sound. In his spare time, Rafael organizes and participates in creativity events and the GarageGeeks community.
projects, blog, photos, videos
Tal Chalozin
I've spent most of my 25 years in mass distraction of every can-be-taken-apart stuff that came in my way.
Yossi Vardi
Yuval Sapir
A normal guy, but in a good way. Game developer, gamer and all together software wizard.
Yuval Tal
Day time software development manager. Night time software developer, microcontroller geek, basic electronics, gamer.
Zvika Netter
Creative fire starter

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