GarageGeeks Logo

The Concept
GarargeGeeks is an Israeli based not-profit physical and virtual space for innovative and creative people to introduce, network, expose, create, brainstorm, innovate and build. People that take part in the activities come from different disciplines such as electronics, software, mechanical, art, design, music, hacking and gaming. The spirit of GarageGeeks promotes building non-commercial projects that would otherwise may not have come to life.

The GarageGeeks is an Israeli Registered Association (Amuta).


The Space
The home of GarageGeeks is located in the Holon Industrial Zone, Israel. The garage is 100 square meter space that includes heavy and light machinery tools, electronic components, software development environment and raw project materials.

The garage hosts monthly evening events which is all about meeting people, networking, gaming and eating. We are now starting with monthly presentations events to discuss some of the topics that are of interest to the garage community. To learn more about the events click here.

GarageGeeks is sponsored by:

Initial Capital Plus Ventures

Release of Liability